Stern Depot. Removals & Storage. Personal Service and Peace of Mind.


The Stern Depot company was established approx. 75 years ago by Alexander Stern, Ob”m.

Years later the company management was taken over by his son, David, followed by his grandsons — Nadav and Ezri Stern.


Stern Depot has always been characterized by provision of storage services together with personal attention to a customer’s needs, every step of the way. Professional tips and advice is freely given in order to enable maximum efficiency throughout the moving process — a time that is naturally stressful.


Our company has three storage sites :one in central Jerusalem, and two others on two kibbutzim in Gush Etzion (a quarter of an hour’s drive from Jerusalem).

The area has a cool, dry climate — well suited for optimal furniture storage, particularly for long term periods.


Both kibbutzim have 24/7 security services, whilst the storerooms themselves are meticulously organized and protected to meet the criteria of the “Migdal” Insurance company, with whom we have been working for many years.


Before moving goods to our storerooms, customers can contact our offices with a list of objects to be going into storage, so that we can provide a price estimate based on our assessment of the volume of goods. Once the furnishings are in place in our storerooms, we take exact measurements of the storage dimensions before setting the final price. This is one of the advantages of choosing Stern Depot for your storage solutions, for our customers are only charged for the actual space their goods are occupying.

Should our customers be interested in checking out storage conditions, or removing certain items from storage they can contact our company at any time and we shall arrange to have the storerooms opened for their convenience.


If you have any questions, please contact Ezri directly, at: Tel. 058 7906614

Alternatively, you can leave us a message here on this website, and we shall get back to you at the earliest opportunity.


Choose Stern Depot for your moving needs, and enjoy moving with exceptional peace of mind!