1. To
    Stern Movers,
    We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help in moving the contents of our parents’ home. We have moved house a number of times and have never had such a wonderful experience before.
    All the goods were taken care of so gently, and so pleasantly. We got the feeling that our goods were as valuable to the workers as they are to us…
    Everything was dealt with carefully and with sensitivity, wrapped in nylons, deconstructed and built up again to perfection. Not one object or item of furniture was damaged.
    The workers’ patience was amazing! The need to know where each object was meant to be placed was impressive! And above all, the transportation and construction were undertaken with an exceptionally pleasant attitude.
    Kudos to all the workers, and above all to Nadav whose pleasant personality rubs off on his team!

    May you and all your endeavors be blessed!
    Chagit Redman

  2. May you have every success!
    We received great service – affordable and with a smile.
    Shmuel Ben Tulilah

  3. To
    Whomever This May Concern
    Last week, Mr. Nadav Stern and his workers moved the entire contents of my apartment from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.
    The removal included a refrigerator, furniture and kitchenware.
    I was extremely satisfied with the packing and the transportation that were carried out efficiently and fast.
    I warmly recommend Mr. Stern’s company,

    Kind regards,
    Yosef Baruch

  4. Recommendation for Machsenai Shtern
    • Integrity: honest and fair
    • Efficiency: punctual, available when the client requires to store or remove from storage
    • Supportive: pleasant service, & accurate bookkeeping & communication with the client; the charge for storage is always clear
    My lift arrived from New York in February 2014. Over the following year, I moved twice. Each time, I was able to bring more of my boxes and belongings from Machsanei Shtern, where they were being kept safe for me. Two weeks ago, B”H, I was able to bring the last of my boxes “home” from the machsan. All of my belongings were secure and kept in excellent condition during the 17 months they were in the “hands” of Ezri Shtern and the Shtern machsanim. I am very grateful to the company for making my “Aliya” more pleasant and less stressful!
    Thank you.
    Chaya Sussman

  5. The STERN STORAGE Co. works in a highly professional manner. It was a pleasure dealing with them. I was referred to them by a friend who lives in Efrat. They came on time, and packed the furniture they delivered, very thoroughly. They were extremely accommodating, ready and willing to do whatever I requested of them.They really want to build a satisfied clientele. That is evident, in the way that they are so willing to please you.
    I highly recommend using them because they make a stressful situation much less stressful. The owners Nadav and Ezri Stern are extremely goodhearted individuals and people who you can trust fully with all of your belongings.
    Go for it! You will not be sorry, you did.

    A very satisfied customer, Michal Marcus
    December 2014

    Michal Marcus

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