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Stern Depot, Removals & Storage, Personal Service & Peace of Mind


The Stern Depot removal company was established in Jerusalem in 1938 by Alexander Stern, a new immigrant from pre-war Germany.

The company flourished and grew and was taken over, many years onwards, by his son, David.

Two grandsons also came aboard later on — Nadav and Ezri Stern.


Our company has always taken pride in serving its customers with loyalty and devotion, and one of the distinctive trademarks of Stern Depot is the personal connection we develop with our customers. From the very first call we receive from our client and through the duration of the service provided, our clients receive our managers’ individual attention and their personal involvement throughout.


Moving house and storing one’s personal belongings in impersonal warehouses if often accompanied by stress and anxiety. At Stern Depot, we do all we can to ensure that you get through this period with maximum peace of mind.


May G-d bless your every endeavor, both in ordinary times and at times of change and upheaval.






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